You shine brighter than the sun
Happy Birthday, SUNYE 

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Their Love Story, Sunye and James for ELLE, March 2013


Congratulations to the most beautiful leader, sunye!

Congratulations Min Sunye on your marriage!. May you live happily forever with James and I hope you keep on that beautiful and wonderful smile!

Even though I have been through a long trainee period, I still have many flaws. Having to lead the group as a leader was to me was a miracle. Time flies and Wonder Girls has been around for 6 years. The overseas stint broadened my horizons. What we experienced was something that cannot be traded for and I’ve also realized that “living is indeed a miracle.”

congratulations on your engagement, min sunye ♥

Why would anyone think that Sunmi is replacing Sunye? I mean WG were formed around Sunye, because she was the one JYP see that he wanted a girl group. If anyone is irreplaceable, it’s Sunye (but of course yeeun, sunmi (was supposed to be), sohee, and yoobin are too). So of course, REPLACE is not the correct word. But hey, if she’s on hiatus, I’m very afraid that JYPe is going to put sunmi back in the group. Not that I don’t want her there, anyone who knows me knows I want her back, but still, just because there are 5 girls DOES NOT MEAN IT IS THE WONDER GIRLS. This is ridiculous. Think about it, for everyone who said LIM was not a replacement for Sunmi (who was “taking time off temporarily”) UM HELLO, she obviously was FROM THE VERY BEGINNING, because I don’t see Sunmi in the group or have plans to return. So I don’t know how “GREAT” JYPe can be if they can just put in and take out members of the group like it’s a revolving door. I’m worried that she will be “taking time off temporarily” and then someone else is placed in the group to fill the gap to form a group of 5 and then she is nowhere to be found. Where the heck is Sunmi? 

SERIOUSLY people need to start doubting what kind of intentions the management has. With its track record, there’s a lot to question about what they want for the group. Springing this piece of news during US promotions? And there’s also the issue about the girls’ contracts ending in 2014 that maybe is a part of the picture (I have no idea though)? What the heck are they doing? They can’t just alter the dynamics of the group and change the membership of the group to fit their predicaments or fancy because WE THE FANS will find it difficult to recover! How can they not consider that we have something against their switches and additions and etc? 

But maybe solo activities is just what they’ll be doing, with yeeun obviously doing more music, yoobin maybe? but mostly I see her as radio DJing or featuring on a gazillion songs, more magazine covers, and sohee with acting, this I’m definitely looking forward to (even though I’m very much against the whole subunit thing, because I really feel like any attempt at that is just another way to just make some quick and easy money, and as a result, the quality of the music is just half assed), and then maybe she’ll come back some time later in the future and they’ll have a fantastic/epic/longawaited/etc comeback with a more refined, mature image that marks their place in the industry. Hopefully this is what happens, because it is ridiculous for the group to have to go through another delay/setback. 

I am extremely happy for Sunye, however, and the fact that she has developed such a prospering relationship given her career choice is absolutely commendable, and I am glad to see this girl so happy and see that great things are happening for her.
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