Anonymous: "What do you think about the songs in Wonder Party?"


Well, the ballad (Sorry) isn’t fun, but the vocals are top notch. Girlfriend is a unique sound the WG haven’t really done before, and I like YB’s rap, it’s unlike other stuff she’s done. R.E.A.L. has a strong hip hop feel that I would really love to see transformed into a hard hitting, intricate choregraphed stage, although I do not think that’s likely. I do see a lack of usage of Yeeun’s vocals in this mini album, although Sunye basically shines in all the tracks. There’s no obvious improvements from anyone in particular, although Yoobin also gets her time to show off her vocal skills. She’s not really all that refined, more likely straining to stay in tune, but hey, she’s a rapper, and she’s trying to get better. Hey Boy is fun of course, a cute pop song that is lighthearted. This song would be on the bottom of my list though, despite the cheerful melody.

Like This had me really disappointed at first listen, but now imagining the whole concept, the summertime, the stage presence of the girls, and knowing what their talent, charisma, experience, and professionalism can bring to the table when they perform the song really convinced me this is only a track the WG could do justice. It’s become fun, catchy, and extremely addictive. The choreography is upbeat, easy to follow, and executed perfectly- a dance that looks exclusively fantastic when these girls start moving. Plus, the MV is shot wonderfully- the flash mob idea was brilliant paired with this track, and plus, it’s a first in kpop. These girls have set this trend (in kpop anyway), and mark my words, people will be following in these footsteps (although many would like to deny this). I do think this album is EXCELLENT in terms of transformation for the girls because it’s a long way away from the retro sounds (though the catchiness is always insured for WG songs!), and it shows that despite what many may think, the WG can do anything, even if it doesn’t require over the top up-dos and shiny dresses.  

All in all, Wonder Party is a perfect go-to album for the summer. The party concept, bright colors, and addictive tracks are definitely repeat-worthy, looping nonstop on my playlist.

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