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[CF] Miss A Suzy – MLB

If that were you

"To Soo Wan: 22 year old Yoon Soo Wan, happy birthday. The omerice I made is really delicious. I ate both yours and mine. 24 year old Yoon Soo Wan, I wonder about your countenance, the image I have of you in my head is the 19 year old version.Yoon Soo Wan, I graduated today. I’m going to be a doctor. I want you to see me in my white coat. 2014, I saw you today. I can’t believe you’re a paramedic. You looked so brave and attractive in your uniform, so I pretended to be tough”. 

Everything I said today, it’s just all lies. From the moment I saw you again, I wanted to tell you one thing. I missed you, Yoon Soo Wan.” 

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"From now on, don’t disappear without my permission. You’re going to promise me, right?"

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TOP’s breakdown when Sohee mentioned that she’s watched Iris


"It’s not in the past. I told myself it’s in the past. Just good memories. I even said it might have been a dream or an illusion. But it wasn’t erased. I didn’t forget. Those times and memories, all of it, was in here. I can’t get rid of it. That’s how I am".

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